Acrylic nails are common nowadays. Whether you are looking for natural acrylic nails to improve your nails, or looking for acrylic nails kit for your nail art supplies need, keep scrolling to to find exactly what you need. We have wide choices of cheap acrylic nails products for sale, that includes nail polish sets, nail powder polish, and different acrylic nail powder colors. If you are a nail biter, you don't have to worry anymore. These DIY kits for beginners will let you fix your nails in no time.  

How to save more on acrylic nails kit?

  We also offer wholesale acrylic nail supplies. Feel free to contact us to learn how much discount we can give you for the items you have in your cart. For starters, check out our acrylic nails starter kit so you can do your nail art at home.  

Things you need to do acrylic nail at home:

  First find these tools so you can start doing acrylic nails on your own:  
  • Acrylic Nails Tip, nail tip glue, acrylic nail clippers, acrylic nail files (these nail files are different from the regular ones), acrylic liquid, acrylic powder, acrylic bowl, acrylic brush (for starters, get a brush that is between #8 - #12) and electric file
  Additional nail art supplies to properly remove your acrylic nails"
  • Acetone, nail primer, cuticle stick, nail dust, lint free cotton pads
  Note: We recommend doing extensive research before deciding to do buy our acrylic nails kit and doing acrylic nails on your own. There are different ways to remove your acrylic nails, but be sure that your method is not aggressive on your nails. Also, please check out our blog to learn how to properly apply, maintain and remove your DIY acrylic nails.