Gel Nail Supplies

Glitter Gel Nails and other gel nail tools for your nail art supplies need. Get natural gel nails that will look glam on your nails. Add extra protection to your nails by using our products. That's right! Contrary to what others believe, gel nails are helpful when it comes to protecting your nails.  
CAUTION: Don't get your nails infected! Learn how to properly remove your gel nails at home.
  NOTE: There are 2 types of gel: Hard and soft.  

What Makes Gel Nails Better than Regular Nail Polish and Acrylic Nails?

  They are odorless and don't give the heavy feeling on your nails (unlike acrylic nails). It's also flexible, so you don't get the risk of your nail bed coming off of your fingertips in case you hit a hard object. It's crystal clear - that's why you can enjoy your glam nails while you have them. They last up to 3 weeks.  

Do it Yourself


Gel Nails Supplies That  You Need:

  • Nail dryers (we have both UV and LED lamps in the store, but we recommend using LED lamps), gels, primer, bonder (optional), basecoat gels, gel brushers, gel cleansers and lint free gel wipes.
  For Simple Professional-looking nails:   Step #1. Apply your base coat then cure. Curing time depends on that lamp you're using (UV or LED - LED lamps cure faster)   Step #2. Apply first coat of your chosen gel polish color, then cure. Some are satisfied with the first coat, but others would keep applying another layer until they come up with the effect they want. If you're not satisfied with the first coat, apply another one then cure it again.   Step #3. Apply top coat and cure.